Home Care Services In Connecticut

In-Home Care From

The HomeAides

Home Care Services In Connecticut

In-Home Care From

The HomeAides

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Registered, Bonded
and Fully Insured

As a licensed home care agency, all of our caregivers are covered under workers comp and general liability insurance.

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Screened and Background Checked Caregivers

All caregivers comprehensively screened, interviewed and background checked.

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Affordable Home Care With
The Best Price Guarantee*

We offer families affordable caregiver services and elderly care solutions backed by our Best Price Guarantee*.

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Ongoing Service Plan Management and Support

We stay engaged through ongoing in person visits, communication and support.

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Connecticut’s Leading Home Care Agency In Innovation and Affordability

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The Service Areas We Cover

The HomeAides is one of Connecticut’s leading providers of non-medical senior care services. We provide families with hourly care services and, 24-hour home care
services with live-in caregivers who are nurturing, respectful, and attentive
to your loved one’s needs.

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Delivering Caregiver Services
Directly To Your Door!

Providing a new level of comfort and convenience, delivering homecare services directly to your door. Our caregiver transportation comes at no additional built-in cost to the client and avoid any interruption in service for the client in-home or at a designated facility.

We Drop Off and Pick Up Your Caregiver

Avoid The Trouble Finding A Caregiver On Your Own

Less No Call, No Shows While Improving Reliability

Families Can Opt To Receive Live ETA Updates On Arrival

Flexible Service Plans

With Transparent Pricing

Because every clients needs are unique, we offer a variety of different service plans that adapt to the level of care needed.Our approach to home care is personalized, holistic and focuses on the unique physical, emotional and social needs of person needing care.

Hourly Caregiver Services

(Live-Out Caregiver)

Hourly plans varying from homemaker,
to companion and/or personal care.

$25.50 -$35.50


Service plans of 8+ hours per day range between $25.50 – $29.50/hour

4-7.5 hour shifts per day offered at $35.50/hr. Billed at an hourly per day

Caregivers follow a detailed service plan of the client’s needs

Multiple caregivers may be required for longer split shifts

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Best for families who need a home aide 4-8 hours per day on days and shifts of their choosing.

Live-In Caregiver Services

(Live-In Caregiver)

A popular and cost-effective alternative to nursing homes or assisted living.



5-day minimum (State mandated)

Billed up to a 10-hour work day. Breaks/sleep times factored in

Caregiver follows a detailed service plan of the client’s needs

One dedicated caregiver who resides with the client ongoing

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Best for families who need a caregiver to live with and care for the client ongoing 5+ days a week.

24 Hours Caregiver Services

(Live-Out Caregiver)

24/7 round-the-clock in-home support through rotational caregiver shifts.

$25.50 -$29.50


Typically two 12-hour split shifts

Billed at an hourly rate per day based on the schedule created

Each caregiver follows a detailed service plan of the client’s needs

Multiple caregivers may be required for longer split shifts

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Best for clients who need 24/7 support and supervision throughout both the day and night.

The Difference Between A Live-Out and A Live-In Caregiver


Live-Out care indicates a caregiver who comes to a client’s home at set days and for a specified number of hours per week and leaves when the care shift is over. (Live-Out caregivers do not reside in the home with the client. See Example


Live-In care indicates a caregiver who is placed and resides with the client in-home ongoing for the total duration of the client’s active service plan. (Live-In caregivers reside with the client and provide ongoing care per client’s needs. See Example)

Best Price Guarantee

We will BEAT any genuine competitors prices.

This offer only applies to new customers during the first 6 months of service. Then our regular rates apply.

The Best Price Guarantee is only valid with written pricing from a Department of Consumer Protection-registered agency that is not a registry, and to comparable services that take into account client preferences and client and caregiver needs.

Family Protection

$1M General & Professional Liability Insurance

All Caregivers are Bonded

Unemployment Insurance

Nationwide Background Check

Payroll Taxes Deducted

State and Insurance Programs That We Work With

Connecticut Home Care
Program For Elders

We Accept Long
Term Care Insurance

Participation With Massachusetts
State Home Care Programs

(Coming Soon)

Caregivers Provide Support With

A potential injury from a fall is one of the most common risks seniors face. Our caregivers will supervise and assist your loved one with their mobility, transfer and redirection needs to ensure that they can safely ambulate and transfer with less risk of falls.

Is your loved one forgetting to take their meds? When needed, our caregivers can remind your loved one when it is time for them to take their medication.

Getting around comfortably can be difficult for aging seniors. Our caregivers can provide any type of mobility assistance that your loved one may need, from basic supervision to total assistance with transferring from one position/location to another.

Routine activities like bathing or showering may be more difficult now. Our caregivers can provide your loved one with assistance they will need with their bathing needs: sponge bath and showering, maintaining their safety as one of the priorities during care.

When it’s time to go, they may not be able to do it on their own. Our caregivers will provide any assistance that your loved one may need with toileting needs and will provide a safe, secure and dignified approach to meeting these needs.

For many seniors, getting dressed each day can be a struggle. Our caregivers provide any type of assistance to your loved one with their dressing needs from cuing to full assist, helping your loved one maintain a safe level of supervised independence with safety as a priority.

Maintaining clean clothing is important for a person’s well-being and comfort. Our in-home caregivers can help you or your loved one with handling loads of laundry, folding and ironing clothes.

Maintaining good  hygiene is important as your loved one ages, but it may not always easy on their own. Our caregivers will provide to your loved one the assistance they require to help maintain health hygiene such as: combing hair, washing face. brushing teeth and maintaining a neat and well groomed appearance.

We can help mealtime a little easier. Our caregivers will prepare healthy meals and snacks for your loved one, consistent with their preferences and any routine dietary needs that you or they make us aware of.

Cleaning the home can be difficult for older adults as they age. Our caregivers will provide light cleaning and organizing of the areas occupied by your loved one, including: dusting, sweeping, wiping down areas of bathroom and shower, making beds, etc. Our caregivers will also do your loved one’s laundry.

Social interaction with a caregiver keeps your loved one engaged and fulfilled through activities suitable to your their abilities and preferences, including games, trips within the community, doctor’s appointments, shopping, lunch or interaction and conversation.

During moments of confusion or frustration, our caregivers will be there and have the means to gently redirect behaviors to in order to re-center and re-acclimate your loved one to a more calm and comfortable state.

Why Families Trust The HomeAides

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“The HomeAides is a kind and compassionate organization that is always there for my Mom and our family.”

A circle profile picture featuring an image of a client Nancy, the person who is giving the video testimonial featured in this section.


-Client of The HomeAides

We Provide Families With a Complimentary Day of Caregiver Assistance Incentive

We Coordinate a Complimentary Caregiver Meet and Greet To Families For Live-In Services

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are answers to some of the most common initial questions we receive from families.

Every caregiver is a bonded and insured employee of The HomeAides employee, not a sub-contracted caregiver. All of our caregivers are covered with general liability and workers’ compensation insurance.

To help ensure the ultimate level of trust, safety and well-being of our clients and families, we perform a thorough and extensive hiring process that includes:

✔️ Extensive state/national background check

✔️ Competency test and in-person interview
✔️ Mandatory previous employment references
✔️ Previous employment reference checks

✔️ Onboarding orientation

Caregiver services from The Homeaides are primarily private pay. We also accept long-term care insurance and participate with the Connecticut Home Care Program for Elders (CHCPE) for those who are eligible or approved. Speak with a home care coordinator for more information.

In the event your caregiver requests time off / vacation time, our team will work side by side with you to find a replacement caregiver that can safely step in in the interim to provide the same quality compassionate care you’ve already become accustomed to receiving.

Changes to your schedule can be made by calling our scheduling department at 960-920-5800.

To ensure a seamless transition and to avoid interruption in services/care, our scheduling team and service plan managers will;

✔️ Find a compatible caregiver to continue caring for your loved one
✔️ Conduct an orientation so that the new caregiver understands your loved
one’s specific service plan
✔️ Schedule an in-home orientation day where your new caregiver will shadow your current caregiver to be briefed on your loved ones’ daily
needs and schedules

Everyone’s situations and circumstances are different, so when the time comes you will need to weigh all of your options to decide what’s best for you and your loved one’s needs.

With that said, home care services are typically a cost-effective alternative to nursing homes and assisted living for those to wish to remain in their homes.

Having a caregiver from The HomeAides there for your loved one in the comfort of their own home helps seniors to actively age in place while still maintaining their sense of dignity, independence and comfortability. It allows for families to remain together with easier visitation and consistent updates while they receive compassionate and personalized care from a local trusted caregiver at home.

Home care services may vary depending on the type of support needed and the length of time in which a caregiver needs to be with your loved one.

At The HomeAides, we pride ourselves on giving families a variety of options that fit their needs and offering transparent pricing so that our families and clients fully understand the financial aspect of coordinating care as well as the benefits of the services being provided.

Pricing is available on the “flexible service plans” section of this page.

We offer our clients the flexibility to pause, end or re-resume services whenever necessary. We work with your family to establish a service plan agreement that accommodates your needs during the extent of your care.

✔️ Your service plan is unique to you and can be modified to adjust for the needs in care as needed
✔️ You have the ability to cancel or re-resume service at any time
✔️ In the event that you need to cancel or have completed service, your
deposit at the time of the start of service is 100% refundable

Your dedicated home care coordinator will be able to communicate and educate you on the important information relating to your specific service plan agreement during your initial review upon starting service.

With a Caregiver vs Without a Caregiver

When it comes time to make a decision, you want to feel confident it’s the right one.
Here are a few things to consider when deciding whether or not to hire a caregiver.

Without a Caregiver

The person can potentially be prone to falls or re-injury when left unsupervised.

The individual needs of the person may not be able to be met consistently.

Not enough physical attention can lead to loneliness & social isolation in seniors.

Other alternatives can be more costly and may not offer the same solutions.

Relatives serving as family caregivers can be subject to dealing with burn out.

With a Caregiver

Clients receive real time support with their needs and activities of daily living.

Personalized 1 on 1 supervision is provided to improve the continuity of care.

Helps reduce chances of falls, wandering or injury that could prevent hospitalization.

Social engagement and companionship keeps clients engaged throughout the day.

Provides greater peace of mind knowing your loved one is being cared for at home.

Alleviates some of the stress and challenges of providing care on your own.

Have Questions About Our Services? We’re Here To Help.

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The HomeAides, LLC solely provides non-medical care.
The HomeAides, LLC solely provides non-medical care.