Technology For Dementia

If a loved one has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia, you may be grappling with how to determine if they are safe living alone and if so, for how much longer. For people with dementia, a familiar and comfortable environment helps them to maintain theirindependence longer. Some researchers believe completing routine tasks and activities of daily living for as long as possible actually slows the progression of the disease. But as the Alzheimer’s advances, so do the risks.

So what can Connecticut caregivers do to balance safety with independence? Dementia technology has made the struggle easier to resolve.

Dementia Technology and Tips for Your Loved One

  • Consider using joint online banking so you can monitor activity on their account from wherever you live. You can see if their bills are getting paid on time and that bills aren’t missed or paid twice.
  • Set up alerts on their credit cards that notify you by text or email if larger purchases are made or if pre-determined limits have been reached. This will allow you to keep them from falling victim to fraud or a scam.
  • Utilize a safe house technology. It can send you a real time alert if an exterior door is opened during the night or there are any other disruptions.
  • Personal locator bracelets or wristbands that use GPS technologies can help track your loved one’s location if the unthinkable happens and they wander away.
  • Alzheimer’s disease and dementia can increase the risk of kitchen fires. It happens a lot when the person cooking leaves the room and then forgets they left something on the stove. A newer technology called, CookStop can help. It continuously scans the kitchen to detect movement when something is being cooked. If movement isn’t detected for a pre-determined amount of time, the burner is automatically turned off.

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