Wellness Visits

(Live-Out Caregiver)

Short in-home visits for assistance with daily tasks on days of your choosing.

Min. 1 hour, max. 3 hours per visit

Billed at an hourly rate per visit. Only charged for visits made.

Caregivers follow a detailed service plan of the client’s needs

Visits during general morning/day/evening window times

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Best for individuals who need help with a few daily tasks, but don’t yet need a full-time caregiver.

Hourly Caregiver Services

(Live-Out Caregiver)

Hourly plans varying from homemaker,
to companion and/or personal care.

Service plans of 8+ hours per day range between $25.50 – $29.50/hour

4-7.5 hour shifts per day offered at $35.50/hr. Billed at an hourly per day

Caregivers follow a detailed service plan of the client’s needs

Multiple caregivers may be required for longer split shifts

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Best for families who need a home aide 4-8 hours per day on days and shifts of their choosing.

Live-In Caregiver Services

(Live-In Caregiver)

A popular and cost-effective alternative to nursing homes or assisted living.

5-day minimum (State mandated)

Billed on a 10 – 11.5 work day. Breaks/sleep times factored in

Caregiver follows a detailed service plan of the client’s needs

One dedicated caregiver who resides with the client ongoing

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Best for families who need a caregiver to live with and care for the client ongoing 5+ days a week.

24 Hours Caregiver Services

(Live-Out Caregiver)

24/7 round-the-clock in-home support through rotational caregiver shifts.

Typically two 12-hour split shifts

Billed at an hourly rate per day based on the schedule created

Each caregiver follows a detailed service plan of the client’s needs

Multiple caregivers may be required for longer split shifts

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Best for clients who need 24/7 support and supervision throughout both the day and night.

Best Price Guarantee

We will BEAT any genuine competitors prices.

This offer only applies to new customers during the first 6 months of service. Then our regular rates apply.

The Best Price Guarantee is only valid with written pricing from a Department of Consumer Protection-registered agency that is not a registry, and to comparable services that take into account client preferences and client and caregiver needs.

Family Protection

$1M General & Professional Liability Insurance

All Caregivers are Bonded

Unemployment Insurance

Nationwide Background Check

Payroll Taxes Deducted

State and Insurance Programs That We Work With

Connecticut Home Care
Program For Elders

We Accept Long
Term Care Insurance

Participation With Massachusetts
State Home Care Programs

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Caregivers Provide Support With

A potential injury from a fall is one of the most common risks seniors face. Our caregivers will supervise and assist your loved one with their mobility, transfer and redirection needs to ensure that they can safely ambulate and transfer with less risk of falls.

Is your loved one forgetting to take their meds? When needed, our caregivers can remind your loved one when it is time for them to take their medication.

Getting around comfortably can be difficult for aging seniors. Our caregivers can provide any type of mobility assistance that your loved one may need, from basic supervision to total assistance with transferring from one position/location to another.

Routine activities like bathing or showering may be more difficult now. Our caregivers can provide your loved one with assistance they will need with their bathing needs: sponge bath and showering, maintaining their safety as one of the priorities during care.

When it’s time to go, they may not be able to do it on their own. Our caregivers will provide any assistance that your loved one may need with toileting needs and will provide a safe, secure and dignified approach to meeting these needs.

For many seniors, getting dressed each day can be a struggle. Our caregivers provide any type of assistance to your loved one with their dressing needs from cuing to full assist, helping your loved one maintain a safe level of supervised independence with safety as a priority.

Maintaining clean clothing is important for a person’s well-being and comfort. Our in-home caregivers can help you or your loved one with handling loads of laundry, folding and ironing clothes.

Maintaining good  hygiene is important as your loved one ages, but it may not always easy on their own. Our caregivers will provide to your loved one the assistance they require to help maintain health hygiene such as: combing hair, washing face. brushing teeth and maintaining a neat and well groomed appearance.

We can help mealtime a little easier. Our caregivers will prepare healthy meals and snacks for your loved one, consistent with their preferences and any routine dietary needs that you or they make us aware of.

Cleaning the home can be difficult for older adults as they age. Our caregivers will provide light cleaning and organizing of the areas occupied by your loved one, including: dusting, sweeping, wiping down areas of bathroom and shower, making beds, etc. Our caregivers will also do your loved one’s laundry.

Social interaction with a caregiver keeps your loved one engaged and fulfilled through activities suitable to your their abilities and preferences, including games, trips within the community, doctor’s appointments, shopping, lunch or interaction and conversation.

During moments of confusion or frustration, our caregivers will be there and have the means to gently redirect behaviors to in order to re-center and re-acclimate your loved one to a more calm and comfortable state.