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Weighing a move

Questions to consider when deciding whether home or a nursing home is the better place for someone with Alzheimer’s:

  • Is the home environment safe? (Doors alarmed if the patient is prone to wandering; safety precautions for stoves, hot water, and household chemicals.)
  • How much can the patient take care of himself or herself?
  • How aware is the patient of the surroundings? (A move may be less disruptive to someone who is less aware.)
  • Is there someone who can stay home full-time with the patient, or are adult day-care services or in-home aidesavailable?
  • Can the caregiver provide needed mental stimulation and emotional support as well as social and physical activities?
  • Is the caregiver realistic and knowledgeable about the illness? (If not, the care provided may be harmful.)
  • Is the caregiver jeopardizing his or her own health or relationships with others?
  • Is support available, such as respite services for the caregiver?
  • Is there room available in a good nursing home with a dementia specialty unit?


The above content was reproduced from The Boston Globe.

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